Are you ready ? and is your home puppy proofed for a new addition to your household ? 

Can you provide a safe, supervised, loved and enriching environment ? 

Puppies come with bounds of fun and cuddles but also responsibilities and puppy teachings to be taught. 

Have you researched the breed ? spoken to breeders and dachshund owners ? finding out if a dachshund is a great fit for you ? 

These very lovable and loyal dogs will have you at their bec and call and it’s important to setup boundaries and expectations early for a lifetime of good behaviour.

Puppy school, dog training and social interactions are your top three vital experiences for a happy, healthy and well adapted puppy.

A well balanced diet is essential, a raw diet is what we advocate for, fresh beef and chicken, sardines, fruits, vegetables, eggs and a quality kibble, you can prepackage your dogs meals into the freezer taking portion controlled meals out each day, remember a fat dachshund is not healthy, please go by what your dog looks like and not the scales or package recommendations as all dachshunds are different in their metabolism and therefore need to increased or decreased as necessary, weight management can be a real struggle for dachshunds and may need constant adjustments.

Those first days after your puppy’s arrival home can be tough, although we aim to send home a resilient puppy, your puppy is still going to miss it’s siblings and is unsure of its new environment, your puppy could be unsettled for several days before he/she adjusts and makes strides of confidence fitting in and finding its place at your home, dachshunds love company so we encourage someone to be around regularly or that you have another dog.

Toilet training dachshunds are renowned to be challenging, toilet training needs constant reinforcement until they get full understanding and even then you may find a surprise every now and then, our puppies are trained on fake grass pads from five weeks old, and then move forward onto real grass before heading home, we find this is most beneficial for everyone.

Environmental jumping… as you may have heard dachshunds can injure the disc in their backs this is called IVDD we encourage your dachshund to live on flat surfaces and be trained with ramps for beds and lounges, repetitively jumping up and down stairs and furniture can wear the disks in their backs, the best preventive is to not have environmental factors, we are pleased to say we have not had one case of a back problem since getting our first dachshund in 2012, and no reports of IVDD affected offsprings, we hope to say that it stays this way. 

Many people encourage crate training which can also help with toilet training, your crate should have enough room for a small bed for half and a toileting pad on the other half as your puppy gets older you can remove the toileting pad, we do not provide drinks over night for better training, it’s best to use washable absorbent blankets rather then pet beds at this age.

We recommend that you do a vet visit check over in the first 72 hours of getting your puppy home this way you can double check that your vet also passes your puppy’s health and can go over any concerns and plan your vaccination and worming schedule as all vets vary slightly,  your puppy will have had their first vaccination, microchipped, wormed to puppy schedule and vet checked at their vet visit at 7 weeks old, if there is any concerns found with your puppy please notify us as soon as possible as any health concerns could have an impact on our breeding programs.

All our puppies are from parents that have been matched for best suitability in temperament, health and dachshund form and we do not predict your puppy to have any issues.

Studies have shown the longer you wait towards 12 months old for full growth before desexing the better, please come to the best choice with your vet.

Please know that we are only a call, text, message, email away so contact us at any stage that you need advice, we are here for a lifetime of support, the puppies we have brought into the world will always be part of DFL Family.