Dachshunds For Life offers the opportunity to find your next family fur member, our puppies often have a waitlist and are secured in advance.

We breed both smooth and long haired miniature dachshunds in chocolate and tan, chocolate dapple, black and tan, silver dapple, red, brindle, and in the future we hope to add genuine cream and piebalds, our prices range from $2500-$3700

All parents are PRA tested and bred to suitable healthy partners, we breed from well tempered parents that have the form that we desire.

Outside Stud Services

We have three studs that can be available to outside girls, please see descriptions of SNICKERS, OXY and SUNNY under Meet Our Kings. Our stud fee costs includes 7 days stay, all food and homing requirements, pickup and drop off to transport if needed, we are located on the Central Coast NSW. Any extra vet costs like AI fees, transport ect, are at the female owners cost.


Chocolate dapple smooth haired, carrying the long haired gene and pra clear. Snickers can produce chocolate dapple and chocolate and tan to a chocolate and tan or chocolate carrier. Silver dapple, black and tan can be produced for non choc carrier females. All of Snickers pups will carry chocolate.

Fee $900 (can only be bred to non dapple girls )


Long haired Blue and Cream piebald covered in Cream, his colour description is blue-based ee cream or blue/cream ESPS, DNA is ee dd at/at, Intense should also test ii, very unique boy! He also presents a healthy coat with no signs of CDA bred from two dilute carrier parents being cream piebald and solid cream, he does not carry the chocolate gene, he is unrelated to all current lines in Australia so we will hope to broaden the gene pool here. Oxy is a pra carrier so can only be bred to clear girls. Oxy is from the UK, Oxy can produce cream pointed puppies to coloured girls, ee reds, and ee cream puppies to a cream female or cream carrier, all his puppies will carry dilute, cream, and long haired gene, he can produce visual dilute colours blue and tan/cream, and blue dapple to a dilute carrier, we will not breed dilute to dilute.

Fee cost is upon inquiry 


Chocolate and tan long haired stud, Sunny is pra clear, Sunny is available to all girls solid or dapple coats in smooth or long haired he can be a versatile matchmaker producing array of colours depending on the female. All of Sunny’s pups will carry chocolate and the long haired gene.

Fee cost is $1200