Snickers is our adorable smooth haired chocolate dapple miniature dachshund sire, Snickers carries the long haired gene and is pra clear, Snickers was born in November 2017, he has proven to produce beautiful puppies and we are super proud that he has been successful with our own queens as well as outside ladies, Snickers is an absolute gentleman and will only service when the female is ready, Snickers is 5.7kgs, he has the best dapple colouring, presents a deep chest, is short to the ground and has a medium length based body, Snickers has teadrop ears and a flicker of blue in one eye, Snickers temperament is to die for, he is very loving stable character to his family, he has no aggression what’s so ever to those he knows, though as he’s gotten older he has learnt his protective manner and will show strangers that he does not know them, he is not a barker at all but is known to have a dig in the yard, Snickers is very loyal and will be by your side at any chance he gets, he loves a cuddle and a smooch, he is a popular friend to all the girls with his good nature and great looks, Snickers loves kids and will join in any playtime fun, Snickers is a loved member of our family and is a great part of our breeding team.

Oxy is our amazing overseas long haired blue and tan/cream piebald who is covered in cream, his colour description is blue-based ee cream or blue/cream ESPS, his DNA is ee dd at/at his cream intense should test ii, very unique boy! he also presents a healthy coat with no signs of CDA, he does not carry the chocolate gene, he has a dark blue nose representing his colour, he is fully DNA tested and does not carry Merle.
He is unrelated to all lines in Australia so we will hope to broaden the gene pool here, he is a PRA carrier so can only be breed to clear girls, he resides in the UK due to so many unforeseeable events so we have imported his semen to Australia instead and Oxy will stay long term with his breeder who loves him as much as we do. 
To achieve Oxy into our lives has been a very lengthy and difficult process both emotionally and financially.
Oxy is a gentle loving soul, is very sweet and cuddly and loves all other dogs, his best happy place is with company, however just not a cat as he screams in fright 🤣, he has a healthy long haired coat with a luscious chest, he is a mini weighing 5kgs, we look forward to producing cream pointed puppies to our girls, ee reds, ee creams and shaded creams to a cream female or cream carrier, all his puppies will be dilute, cream and piebald carriers, he can produce dilute colours in blue and tan/cream and blue dapples to a dilute carrier. He can produce visual piebalds to another piebald or piebald carrier.
OXY opens up many dreams with his flexibility in the dilute, piebald and cream coloured world!. 
In 2019 we home bred and family raised our chocolate and tan long haired boy Sunny! he presents lovely definition of his tan points, he has a cheeky goofyball soft nature, his temperament is fun and confident who is not lacking in any social skills he loves attention and is keen to jump for kisses.
We have enjoyed watching him grow into young man, and sharing his photos along the way, we will be breeding Sunny in 2020 to our perfectly matched girls. Sunny is pra clear.



Coco is a home bred retained pretty creation, she is a daughter of Holly and Fedor, we are super pleased in how she has developed into a young queen, Coco is a smooth haired chocolate and tan miniature dachshund, who is genetically clear, Coco weighs 6kgs she is super long in length has gorgeous round dropped ears and extremely pretty like her mumma, Coco has a youthful personality full of life and adventure, Coco is confident in herself and within her social skills.
CoCo will be starting in her journey of becoming a mummy in 2020 she will be matched to Snickers and we are excited to see how wonderful her puppies will be.


Jasmine is our little model very pretty girl with amazing definition of her tan points, Jasmine is Black and Tan carrying piebald, short to the ground, luscious long haired coat, her personality is no less then her looks, she is sweet and playful, social and loving, she is a all round very well balanced and healthy little girl, just like a typical dachshund don’t mess with her food because jasmine thinks it’s her last meal. Jasmine is pra clear, weighs 5.5kgs and is proven to be an amazing mother with having her first litter in 2020, Jasmine is a roll model for the dachshund form and temperament and those who get a puppy from Jasmine will be blessed. 
We are hoping that Jasmine will next be bred to Oxy for a long haired piebald litter carrying cream and dilute. 



Ginger Meet our fun loving playful sweet girl GG nickname for Ginger, she is a red brindle smooth haired, carrying chocolate and hidden dapple gene, she is a miniature dachshund 5kg of pure goodness, pra clear she will be matched to Sunny chocolate and tan long haired boy, all pups will be smooth haired carrying choc and long hair, GG can have a colourful litter of puppies and we are looking forward to seeing what will be ahead. Ginger has a beautiful nature and I just love her stunning eyeliner and tiger stripes, she is a very social happy girl and gets along with all dogs, kids and those who want to say hello!


Asher Black and tan smooth haired princess with a ball of energy, she is your happy go lucky playful dog, she has a pretty face with lovely definition of tan points, Asher carries chocolate and long haired gene she can be matched to Snickers or Sunny for array of colours of offsprings, she can produce long and smooth coated puppies, Asher is pra clear 5.5kgs, her nature is delightful very friendly sweetheart who is submissive to a belly rub, or will jump up and down till she gets your entire attention, Asher is keen to see what’s going on around her and will definitely join in with any fun times with any dog or person.


Tiny little girl is Daisy, lucky to keep 4kgs on the scales, she is as sweet as her size, placid and quiet natured, doesn’t like to be overwhelmed with crazy environments just a few friends is enough, the perfect lapdog for watching tv and snuggling in peace or laying on the grass sun baking, Daisy is a long haired ee red carrying choc and hidden dapple, she is a pra carrier which does not affect her puppies when bred to a clear boy, she will be bred to Sunny chocolate and tan long haired boy, with these two parents how can we go wrong, we are looking forward to seeing their babies ahead.


Where do i start with Ivy, clued on little girl who is out to keep you on your toes she has even made calling a rescue to retrieve her from a pipe making my heart sink as I thought she was over the rainbow, she is smart and a keen hunter, independent, active girl, weighs 4.5kgs, she is a long haired chocolate dapple girl and is pra clear, she enjoys running around with the family and other dogs, just not cats or nature, Ivy will be matched to Sunny for chocolate and tan/ chocolate dapple long haired miniature dachshunds.


Maggie is our long haired Ee red carrying cream, pra clear, she’s a little golden nugget, playful and sweet such a kind innocent girl, adorable big ears and a beautiful face, great eyeliner and I just love her cream fluff undercoat and her fluffy bum haha, she shines in dachshund form and temperament, we look forward to when Maggie will breed in 2021 to Oxy or Sunny.


Well Iris is in the running for the best eyebrows around! she has extensive definition between her black and tan points, such a little stunner, lush shinny coat, Iris is a sister to Sunny so will be bred to Snickers or Oxy, she is a black and tan long haired miniature dachshund, 5.5kgs and pra clear, cheeky girl with lovely dachshund form, Iris was home bred and I couldn’t be happier in retaining her for our future breeding.