Future Breeding ​

Long Haired Future

In 2020 our goals are expanding with the bloom of breeding our long haired miniature dachshunds, our flower girls below are part of our breeding program in the following years.

Ivy: Chocolate dapple, pra clear.

Maggie: Ee Red, cream carrier, pra clear.

Daisy: ee Red dapple, choc carrier, pra carrier.

Iris: Black and Tan, choc carrier, pra clear.

Jasmine: Black and Tan, piebald carrier, pra clear.

The foundation to our long haired breeding program is very important to us and we are excited in the development and sharing the undeniable cuteness with the greater community.

The long haired girls will be matched to Sunny, male Chocolate and Tan long haired, pra clear. Except in the case of Iris who is Sunny’s sister she will be bred to Snickers or an outside service.

Smooth Haired Future

Like in the previous years we will be continuing with our progress within our smooth haired litters, our smooth haired breeding girls are below.

Asher: Black and Tan, choc carrier, pra clear, carries long haired gene.

Ginger: Red brindle, dapple, choc carrier, pra clear.

Coco: Chocolate and Tan, pra clear.

Coco will be matched to Snickers, male smooth haired Chocolate dapple, long haired carrier, pra clear. Asher can be matched to Snickers or Sunny. Ginger will be matched to Sunny Chocolate and Tan, long haired, pra clear.

We occasionally use an outside stud service if required for the outcome planned.

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