Welcome to Dachshunds For Life and thank you for your consideration choosing us for your possible future fur baby.

The love of dachshunds is what we’re all about! We would love to guide you through with information on our dachshunds, the dachshund breed and the future care and ongoing support if you chose to have a Dachshunds For Life puppy. 

Established in 2012, we have spent the past years maturing into what we are today, we strive to hope that all our puppies go to a home where they will be a loved family member and treasured beyond their life, a pet is only on earth for a certain amount of time but held in our hearts forever.

Dachshunds For Life adults are genetic tested and the temperaments of our parents is one of the most important breeding aspects for us, we breed for the best outcomes of the dachshund breed, for the health, form, and temperament of the offspring produced. 

Located on the Central Coast of NSW we offer our puppies to travel over Australia as well as an open home to come visit us at their home surroundings.

Our puppies get well socialised within our family with the interaction from all of us, from my husband and I, and many many children handle the puppies multiple times a day so our puppies leave ready to take on the next chapter of their lives.

Our adults and puppies are feed a premium raw diet according to their current life stages, they are maintained on Ivory coat kibble, semi lean beef, chicken and sardines are some of our favourites.

All our puppies have a return home policy if at any stage you can not care for one of our puppies we will take them back no questions asked. 

We offer our past puppies a discounted rate on holiday boarding if ever needed and in a distance to access us.

We understand that we have your trust at hand and we go to all measures to have a happy and healthy relationship with all the families that decide we are the right fit for their family addition. 

We love to stay in contact over the years to come, sharing in how your puppy has grown up and to help in any uncertainties that you may face, we are always here to answer your questions you may have.  

Before buying a puppy please consider adopting from a rescue, however if you decide this does not suit your needs we are glad to help you with your puppy search from our upcoming breeding program.

From the dachshund lovers…

Jannelle and Family,

Dachshunds For Life.